Safe Asbestos Removal for Schools, Colleges and Universities in Mid Wales and North Wales

You can rely on the team here at A&D Environmental Services Ltd to provide fast and safe asbestos removal for schools, colleges and universities throughout North Wales and the UK, including Mid Wales, Cheshire & Shropshire.

We understand that the utmost attention and planning is needed with projects involving areas for young people, which is why our expert team always provide asbestos removal services with minimal disruption and maximum safety.

It’s extremely common to find materials containing asbestos throughout schools in the UK, so it’s essential to ensure all educational areas are free from becoming a health hazard. Call our expert team today to discuss how we can make your school buildings safe for students.

Safety Is Our First Priority

Asbestos removal for schools, colleges and universities need to be handled with great care. The expert team at A&D Environmental Services Ltd are knowledgeable, competent, adequately equipped and trained to the highest standards. Plus, we have managed numerous asbestos removals for educational establishments over the years.

Contact the team today for more information.

Are Your Students at Risk of Asbestos?

Asbestos fibres are only dangerous when released into the air and inhaled. As educational areas are full of active people, several situations could disturb the asbestos.

These include:

  • Installing cables and ICT equipment
  • Vandalism
  • Accidental damage
  • Deterioration of building over time
  • New window installations
  • Classroom alterations
  • Installation of display equipment

To ensure students are safe from any disturbed asbestos, contact our team today. We’re here to help.


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Call the team today to discuss asbestos removal for schools, colleges and universities.




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