Asbestos Removal Case Studies for Work Completed in North Wales, Mid Wales, Cheshire, and Shropshire

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See below for our asbestos removal case studies we have managed.



A&D Environmental Services is pleased to have been granted the contract to remove asbestos-containing materials identified within the structure and buildings on Victoria Pier, Colwyn Bay.

The Pier was opened in 1900 and thrived over the years and during its heyday extended to 227m in length, but following a decline was forced to close in 2008 and in the interim its structure became unsafe, and parts of the pier began to collapse.

Working in conjunction with Conwy County Council, the nominated Demolition Contractor and with the involvement of HSE Inspectors and other stakeholders, a safe system of work was established to mitigate the various hazards presented by a building of this type and current condition.

We commenced work in February 2018 with our team of licensed asbestos removal contractors working in a phased approach, and we were able to complete the project on time in early June 2018.



Scope: Maintenance Works to Steam Recovery Vessel
Client: Major Food Manufacturing Site
Sector: Thermal insulation + sheet metal cladding
Project Duration: 4 weeks
The client requested existing uninsulated services vessels (3 off) to be insulated with BCO CFC Free Rockwool insulation, 75mm thick and then to be over-clad with stainless steel sheet metal finish. All laps and joints arranged to shed water, to prevent water ingress to insulation material, finally sealed with clear silicone mastic.

New service pipework, valves, and flange joints were insulated to the same specification and similarly over clad with stainless steel finish 304S which is specified for use with food processing industries, chemical manufacturing plants, etc.

The work was completed on time with minimal disruption to the continuous shift working pattern which the Client operates at this site. The team of A&D Environmental thermal insulation engineers are well trained and experienced in working in this type of manufacturing facility where high standards of food safety in addition to health, safety and environmental controls are expected and maintained by employees and contractors alike.



Scope: Contaminated Land Remediation
Client: Local Authority.
Sector: Former Refuse Site identified as containing asbestos containing materials within the topsoil capping which required grading and contouring by Civil Engineering contractors to maintain the sites integrity.
Project Duration: 3 weeks

The Local Authority client was granted permission by Natural Resources Wales to move contaminated soil from one side of the landfill site to the other side of the landfill to prevent surcharging on the site.

A&D Environmental Services notified the HSE with a scope of works to assist the nominated Civil Engineering contractors with the soil transfer by fine misting the topsoil to suppress fibre release.

Also to provide a watching brief to identify, isolate and dispose of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) disturbed during the earth moving process. In addition to providing appropriate asbestos awareness training, provision of RPE/PPE and decontamination procedures for the machine operators.

On completion of the project, the Local Government Officer in charge of the contract provided the following testimonial:-

“I would also like to thank yourselves for your support and excellent service to complete the project, especially in the time frames we were working to.
Look forward to working with you again.”



Scope: Asbestos Removal as part of demolition and rebuild
Client: Major Building Contractor
Sector: Former Council Care Home built in the 1970s which no longer could meet the needs of older people, to be replaced with high-quality modern accommodation and care facilities for older people in the area.
Project Duration: 3 months

The vacated building contained asbestos insulation board (AIB) ceiling tiles throughout the building which also had stud wall separation within rooms. The planned works involved the controlled removal of the AIB ceiling tiles and associated MMMF insulation and debris within the ceiling voids above, also to remove one face to stud wall to reveal any entrained asbestos debris for removal and subsequent demolition of the building by the Principal Contractor.

The works were phased to account for the layout of the building dividing its floor plan into manageable areas to allow for safe transit for operators and waste removal, also to maintain emergency exits as a precaution.

Works were completed on time without disruption to the Principal Contractor’s schedules and providing on-going support as necessary as the project developed into the demolition and building phases.

The Site Manager representing the Client provided the following

“I would like to thank you all for the hard work your lads put in at Hafod y Gest, they were all a pleasure to have on site and very professional, a job well done.”


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