Contaminated Land Management in North Wales and Mid Wales

A&D Environmental Services Ltd provides fast and efficient contaminated land remediation throughout North Wales, Mid Wales, Cheshire, and Shropshire.

If you have contaminated land that needs to be treated before development, our expert team has got you covered – no matter the level of contamination.

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Is Your Site Asbestos free?

The current waste management practices in the UK combined with the demolition of old and historic buildings have left land contaminated with asbestos. So, many sites can contain asbestos insulation debris, asbestos cement products, asbestos insulation board, and asbestos rope.

Luckily, we offer you complete remediation services for lands containing asbestos materials as required by CAR-SOILTM. We have the expertise, the experience and the equipment to remediate asbestos contaminated land.

What We Do

  • Identify appropriate land remediation measures which include excavation, capping, mechanical screening and soil washing
  • Carefully monitor and control the process
  • Ensure complete compliance with environmental and legislative requirements
  • Watching Brief
  • Collection and safe disposal of ACMs revealed during the remediation process
  • Dismantling and demolition services

Our Contaminated Land Processes

The team here at A&D Environmental Services Ltd can take care of everything that’s necessary to remediate your land and make it free of asbestos.

We begin with a pre-assessment to determine the type of asbestos materials found above and below ground and the kind of measures that will be necessary. We then tailor a bespoke waste management plan and attain all the required licences and clean the site.

Once completed, we prepare a complete report outlining the work carried out along with technical drawings, photographs, tests, and monitoring data.


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